Why is Italian cuisine so highly appreciated in Canada?

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Why is Italian cuisine becoming increasingly popular in the country?

Italian cuisine has evolved over thousands of years, with each region developing its own variety of dishes and methods. France is known for its wine while Italy is known for its food. Italians have a saying that people would rather be poor in France than rich in Italy because at least you can eat well in Italy! The combination of fresh ingredients, culinary expertise combined with the passion that Italian cooks put into making their food has resulted in an unrivalled reputation worldwide. Canada has had an influx of immigrants from all parts of the world including many Italians who decided to call it home. So not surprisingly, wherever there are expat Italians one will find good quality restaurants serving great Italian dishes. I think what makes Italiancuisine in Canada unique is that it appeals to a diverse section of the population, all walks of life including children and seniors. Yes indeed it is true that Italians love good food but also enjoy eating in a relaxed atmosphere without any pretense.

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Italian cuisine, known for its simplicity and high quality ingredients, is very popular around the world. Why is it so appreciated in Canada? One reason could be that Italian food perfectly suits Canadians eating habits. As many Canadians love to experiment with exotic dishes, Italian cooking offers them a vast array of traditional flavours at their fingertips.

There are several reasons why people all over the world keep on enjoying Italy 's delicious recipes: first of all basil , tomatoes , olive oil and oregano are just a few examples of typical Italian products that have internationally conquered palates. Also Italians living abroad have always kept their tradition alive by continuing to cook "a casa mia" - as they say - the dishes of their country. Restaurants also contributed to making known Italian recipes through different events, like food festivals and pizza parties.

Finally, the main reason why Italian cuisine is popular in Canada , as well as all over the world , lies within its simplicity: it's a light, healthy and balanced style of cooking that easily fits into people' s lives.

In fact pasta with tomato sauce, for example, can be found everywhere, even though every region has its own way of preparing it ! And what about pizzas or lasagnas? In my opinion they are one of the most eaten dishes nowadays.

The secret of the widespread success of Italian cuisine is its delicious variety: whether you prefer eating spaghetti, lasagna or pizza, one thing is for sure: Italian dishes will satisfy your expectations every time!

Of course there are so many other reasons why people all over the world love Italy 's recipes. Some of them might be that it connects generations and families through a common passion for good food, others may think it's because Italian cooking is known to be healthy and balanced with a great variety in its ingredients. What is your opinion?